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At Great Frontier Brewing Company we make quality, great-tasting hand-crafted beers that we love sharing with our customers.
Great Frontier Brewery in Lakewood, Colorado
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Mike Plungis started homebrewing years ago with a kit his family gave to him for Father's Day. His hobby turned into a passion and now he is Great Frontier Brewing Company's founder. Mike was inspired to brew gluten-free beers after his wife, Annie, and an increasing number of family and friends were diagnosed with Celiac disease or some level of gluten intolerance. The initials of Great Frontier are “GF”, signifying the gluten-free beers we specialize in producing that actually taste like regular beers.

Mike’s first gluten-free recipe, the Blonde Annie, received top scores at the 2011 National Home Brewing Competition. A few months later, Mike brewed the recipe with a local brewery who entered it into the Great American Beer Festival. It won the very first gold medal in the Gluten-Free Beer category!

Recently, Mike has put his skills and ingenuity to good use, brewing a farmhouse ale with yeast from Lithuania. Both sets of his grandparents were from Lithuania and immigrated to the United States around 1910. This brew pays homage to them and is a celebration of the diverse melting pot that is America.

We hope that you will stop in and enjoy a variety of fresh, hand-crafted traditional, gluten-free, and gluten-reduced beers with your friends and family. We look forward to seeing you!

Cheers! Or as they say in Lithuania, Sveikas! (to your health!)

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